Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday, 10am to 22pm, including holidays.
Payments: We accept all credit cards, debit cards, worth culture in flags (Allele & Ticket) and money. We do not accept checks.
Internet sales: Through the website: or by the rapid entry application.
Telephone sales: Informations and Purchase Ticket Fast - (11) 4003 - 1212
After service Purchase Ticket Fast - (11) 4003 - 2051
Point of sale information on the Fast entry of other events outside the Theatro Net Rio
Only by telephone - (11) 4003 - 1212
Opening hours - Every day from 10H to 18H.
Reservations for groups and events: Carolina Hiller -
Only by telephone: (21) 96629 - 0012
Opening hours - Monday to Saturday from 14H to 21H.

Half-price granted to:

- Elementary education, middle, upper and postgraduate students; state and municipal school teachers; Elderly over 60 years old; Handicapped.
Direct, personal, nontransferable sale, and the original identification document with photo is required for the purchase and also at the entrance of the show.
For students, it is also required to submit a student card with expiration date, the registration certificate of the current period or payment slip for the current month.
For public schools teachers, it is also necessary to provide the professional identification document issued by the Education Department or other ID proving the employment.

50% discount:

- NET CLIENTS. At the time of purchase and at the entrance of the show, the presentation of the bill and an ID with a picture is required, and you can purchase up to four (4) tickets with discount per session. Benefit granted only to the holder.

- CLUBE SOU MAIS RIO Sócios - Limited 2 tickets per client for each session. Required the Club membership ID card (printed or digital) at time of the purchase and at the entrance of the event. Valid on purchases at the ticket office of the theater and on the website Ingresso Rápido.

- PETROBRAS EMPLOYEES. Presentation of company identification and ID with photo at the time of purchase and at the entrance of the show is required. Allowed to buy up to two (2) tickets with discount per session.

The discounts above are not cumulative.

30% discount:

- BASICA MAGAZINE. A copy of the magazine is required.

- CLIENTE MAIS (Pão de Açúcar). The presentation of the voucher or coupon tax provided by the supermarket is required.

- AMAVE (Association of Residents of the Plaza Cardinal Arcoverde). The presentation of the Association membership card is required.

Discounts given on the purchase of up to two (2) tickets per session.

- PREMMIA. Discount on the purchase of up to 2 tickets. For the rebate, the customer must redeem his/her points for a discount voucher at the website

- PETROBRAS CARD. Discount for up to four (4) tickets to Petrobras Card holders. To get the discount, purchase must be made through the Petrobras card.

*All discounts above are not cumulative.

Important information

- It is not allowed to enter the theater after the start of the show. In the case of late arrival, there will be no refund of the ticket or exchange for another day or session.
- Check your ticket (date, location, time and place chosen) and exchange upon purchase. Exchanges or refunds will not be processed further.
- For your convenience, arrive 30 minutes before scheduled time on your ticket.
- Smoking inside the premises of the Theatro NET Rio is not allowed.
- The use of cameras, mobiles and other recording devices audio and video or photography during the show is prohibited, in respect to the public and artists.
- Mobiles must remain in silent mode or switched off in the room during the show.
- An hour before the show begins, customers looking to buy tickets for this session will have priority.